Don't have Adobe PhotoShop? ...No problem.
There are more and more photo editing programs available on the Internet. The best part is that they are FREE!

These are some of them:
  • PhotoShop Express -take a TEST DRIVE
  • Picnik- Free Photo Editing
  • Pixlr photo editor - very similar to PhotoShop- has the clone tool!

Let's try some FREE photo-editing websites

external image chrome.jpg
We have used Photoshop Elements to manipulate pictures. The pictures have been transformed using various tools to paint, colorize, distort and even clone images. Most of us do not have this program at home. However, thanks to Web 2.0, there are many new websites that allows us to interact with them. We will look at two of them: Photoshop Express and Picnik.

Photoshop Express is free and somewhat easy to use. It requires that you set up an account, with an email address, to use the full functions of the website. However, it is possible to use the “test drive” option, which does not require that you register. The main difference between the two is that you will not be able to save your pictures back to you computer after you modify them with the test drive version. If you have an email, you may register otherwise take the test drive.
Let’s take a test drive at:
They have a very good tutorial at:

Picnik is free and you do not need to register to use it. (However, they do charge for an upgraded version, which allows you to save pictures that you have manipulated with some of the advanced functions.) Let’s try it now:

Pixlr is free and you do not need to register to use it. You can upload pictures from your computer, the Internet or create new ones using it. You can then save the manipulated pictures to your computer.


  • Try the websites above.
  • Save at least one image that you modified using the above websites.
  • Post your image on this wiki page below this paragraph.
  • Click the discussion tab at the top of this page.
  • Reply to my questions that I posted in the discussion area.
  • Write a comment describing how easy or difficult it was to use these websites. Also include some of the features that you used and how your pictures changed with them. Your comment should be a short paragraph using grade 8 grammar, organization and content.